Citadel Drezen part two, the caverns beneath Drezen

The seven adventurers: Antwon the Cavalier, Kand the Wizard, Torvan the rogue, and Vig the Ninja/Paladin, with their friend Kendra, and new friends Jestak the Barbarian and Joran the Wizard, descend into the tunnels carved underneath the Citadel Drezen.  Joran explains that while the stairs had been dug out and plans found for caverns and mines, the crusaders never got around to completing the lower levels of the Citadel, but the demons with their cheap labor were able to carve an intricate series of chambers, used for nefarious purposes.

One of those nefarious purposes was the imprisonment and torture of various Crusaders; the stairs lead down into such chambers.  In the basement an oppressive feeling of chaos and evil suffuses and surrounds Our Heroes - it will be harder to cast spells of goodness and order here.  There is a low susurration of maddening whispers, too low to make out details but enough to distract The Heroes from their task, and to sap a certain measure of their focu…

A note found in a lab in Citadel Drezen

The note reads:  "... imbibed survived with ease, tell me that Minagho's serpentine scum and her insane scientist have finally perfected the recipe.  I look forward to the next shipment from the Fane, and hope to be able to join you soon to aid you in recruiting more of the Lords and Ladies of Midnight to our cause."
"And in regard to the Drezen situation, you need not fear.  I am in the process of..."

Scratched onto the wall of a prison cell

One of the prison cells under Citadel Drezen in free of the horrible Abyssal energies; you could sleep there if you wanted, and if you were unconcerned with the abyssal sickness that is killing the Army outside.

The walls are covered in carved butterflies, and one wall is this prayer:

Into Citadel Drezen, part 1, the upper Citadel

The party wakes the next morning feeling energized, well-rested, and generally pretty good.  As much of any of those as one can feel in the World Wound, of course - an hour before dawn a pack of ravens landed on several tents as screamed while they turned inside-out, then flew away.  Yikes.

Kand and his team finish constructing the Trebuchet near mid-day, on the other side of the bridge across from the main gate of the wall around Citadel Drezen.  With three well-placed shots the gates come down - an an army of Paladins and Crusaders rushes in!  Our Heroes join in the fracas - and are quickly victorious over the cultists and minor demons in the courtyard around the Citadel proper.

Aron Kir drew the party a map, before his troubles with the Demonsblood Drug:

When the party is inside the walls, they see a pinkish-purplish glow surrounding the Citadel.  The paladins cannot enter, and it's impervious to the kind of dispelling magic Our Heroes have at their command.  The trebuchet laun…

Assault on Drezen

Our Heroes, and the army, arrive at Drezen mid-afternoon of the next day.  Being late winter, normally this would be a cold and dry time of year, but the vagaries and chaos of the World Wound play into The Party's favor, and it's a balmy, almost pleasant day.

Except for the orange sky with streaks of purple.  It's a bit hard to look at, and adds a note of insanity to what otherwise might be pleasant - welcome to the World Wound, if you brought any sanity we'll make sure to relive you of it at some point.

Irabeth sends the scouts ahead - at this point, with the command team's membership halved, that's her wife Anevia, the rogue Torvan, and the ninja/paladin Vig.  They see the Citadel of Drezen is mostly intact; there's signs of ghouls in the cemetary (and a crypt that oozes black smoke like a lanced boil).  In the city proper there's what appears to be a prison on the hill, and a couple of buildings south of the citadel that might be stores of some sort.…

A Drezen-ing we go, we go, a-Drezen-ing we go

The next morning most of the Army breaks camp and continues the ride north - some dozen of the engineers and carpenters stay back to begin constructing a waypost, in advance expectation of Drezen being retaken, so that Kenabres might send supplies.  The Army makes good time, reaching Villareth Ford in late afternoon, where the scouts report a small army of Tieflings and Dretches (a type of blob-demon) are camped.  Battle is Joined!

In a makeshift prison, a good dozen crusaders are found, led by Kamilo Dann, a human mercenary.  "A mercenary, leading Paladins?"  asks the Army somewhat incredulously, but upon meeting her I am certain you, too, would offer to serve under Ms Dann - a more steely-eyed and capable soldier and commander would be difficult to find.  The cavaliers join the army, equipping themselves from the stores.

The Paladins sustain no casualties, and only minor injuries; between Kendra, Sosiel, and the Paladins' ability to heal minor injuries, everyone feels …

Off into the World Wound!

Sometimes, late at night, when all of the wine that there is to be drunk has completed its job and yet we are still unwilling to commit to slumber - sometimes it's a fun exercise to sit back and think about ways in which the world can end.

No?  Maybe it is the philosophical bent that YHN finds himself curving towards that leads him to consider endings.
Most Golarion scholars, when thinking about threats to the world, will include Rovagug, the God that slumbers at the center of the world, and Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, who is trapped beneath Gallowspire.  Some parallels between them, there - Rovagug who wishes to destroy all of creation, and Tar-Baphon, who wishes that all life become un-life; both trapped under the surface of Golarion, at great expense - and both unable to be destroyed outright, but could only be contained.
Several people might also add the Dark Tapestry and the Elder Gods who live behind it, or the dark and unknown forces of the Fae, or of the Dark Elves who…